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“Words can NOT express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Dima! He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and he goes above and beyond the call of duty! I definitely recommend this attorney and I look forward to continuing to work with him.”

-Tiffany, Maryland USA, drafting a brief of appellant and different motions for a federal court of appeals.


“The work was completed in a professional manner and I recommend him for his legal services knowledge.”

-Lothar, Pennsylvania USA, drafting a complaint and a motion for writ of Seizure.


“Chyrkin is a very professional freelancer with great communication skills and fast delivery of work. Highly Recommended!”

-Kaouther, the United Arabs Emirates, Legal opinion on Website & YouTube Copyright


“Chyrkin is phenomenal. Super knowledgeable and fast! A specialist in Internet and E-Commerce Law. Very much looking forward to working with him in the future!”

-Ryan, Texas USA, E-commerce project (drafting Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Legal assistance).


“Dedicated and fast work. Thank you so much.”

Zaid, Kuwait, drafting a Web Hosting Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.


“A keen thinker & a good drfatsman. Well done.”

-Anthony, Ireland, drafting a plenary summons and a statement of claim.


“Seller delivered as expected, closely follow up the requirements. I have no hesitation to rate him as outstanding.”

-Leung, Hong Kong, Flippa dispute.


“Working for one of our expansion projects in the U.A.E. He has done an outstanding job in his Due Diligence and Legal Consultation. Keeping him on board until the closing.”

-Ghassan, the United Arab Emirates, Due Diligence reports.


“very good, excellent appeal letter and info”

-Polestar Connect, Australia, drafting a response to USPTO on trademark registration issues.


“one of the most pro persons i have ever meet. i suggest Dima for his kind, smooth and promt service! i wish everyone to cooperate with persons like Dima.”

-Christos, Greece, drafting Website’s Terms and Privacy Policy.


“Good guy to work with, fast and attentive.”

– Darrell Archer, California, drafting a brief of appellant in the USA Court of Appeals.

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