We handled a Flippa dispute

A client from Hong Kong requested a service to refund the amount that was paid to a company from India for working online shopping website. The deal was made through Flippa (marketplace for buying and selling online businesses). The payment was made to a PayPal account by using a bank card. In accordance with the agreement, the seller had to transfer to the client working online shopping website (domain name and files), two months customer support and a website management guide, a database with active buyers and the creation a blog for the website. The seller fulfilled only the first item – transferring a domain name and files. The client’s requests regarding fulfilling other items of the agreement were not answered be the seller.

I sent demand letters to Flippa, PayPal and Visa Inc., pursuant with the rules of these companies. Claims were opened, and I filed all necessary documents, statements and evidences, which supported our claims. As a result, the paid amount on the seller’s account was frozen. In the future, the client received her refund. The case was successfully handled.