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IT law services are in great demand in the modern world. Today, information technologies cover almost every areas of life – management, healthcare, banking, etc. Qualified legal services will protect your IT/E-commerce business from various claims of government agencies, customers and others.

To render legal services to IT and E-commerce it is not enough to have only legal knowledge. It is also important to have technical skills and knowledge. An internet attorney should also understand how various programs and online services work as well.

The most requested are internet law firms providing legal services for Internet projects in foreign jurisdictions, including USA, EU, UK, United Arab Emirates. For these projects, knowledge of local legislation is very important, as well as experience in working with foreign companies.

If your e-commerce/IT business focuses on international market, including USA, ask the Law Office of Dmitriy Chyrkin for legal advice. Dmitriy has significant experience in legal support of e-commerce projects and IT companies. The Law Office of Dmitriy Chyrkin completed numerous projects for companies from USA, Australia, China, India, EU, UAE, and from other countries. Our IT law firm offers to our clients the following services in areas of e-commerce and IT Law:

  • International structuring of e-commerce/IT companies and tax planning;
  • Drafting legal documents, including licensing agreements, Terms and Conditions for websites, Privacy Policies, Non-disclosure Agreements, Software Development Agreements, Startup Founder’s Agreements, etc.;
  • Intellectual Property Rights Protection, including trademarks and patents registration (USPTO and WIPO), investigation and fixation facts of intellectual property infringements, making claims regarding Intellectual Property Infringements, representing in domain name disputes, representing in Intellectual Property Litigation;
  • comprehensive legal assistance to e-commerce/IT companies.
  • GDPR compliance.

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