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Ukraine is actively involved in international trade, having foreign trade transactions with traders from 218 countries. International trade transactions are regulated by international trade law, that includes different rules and customs. An International lawyer may help parties in applying these rules.

In international trade, you definitely need an attorney, who well versed in international law. The Law Office of Dmitriy Chyrkin advises both Ukrainian companies doing business abroad and foreign companies doing business in Ukraine.

Our international lawyer will advise you on international trade rules, represent you during international trade transactions, conduct due diligence before entering into a trade contract, and draft foreign trade contracts and other necessary legal documents. If you are involved in an international dispute, we will provide the best representation in the dispute resolution process, including representation in various arbitration organizations, such as GAFTA and FOSFA.

If you are doing business in Ukraine, we recommend you check out the party before making a payment or performing other actions. In fact, it is important to have an advice of a licensed attorney, experienced in local law, who can review various databases and prepare detailed due diligence report. For individuals, who doing business in Ukraine we prepared the guidelines available here.

We are available 24/7 for our clients. Almost 100% of clients are satisfied with our services – check this statement by reading reviews from real people who used our services. You can fill out the form at our website and obtain evaluation of your case for free of charge. Call us to receive immediate help. Our international lawyer is ready to help you!

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