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EU legislation is a very complicated system containing a lot of regulations, directives, decisions, opinions and recommendations. If you do business in EU, it is very important to understand EU legislation, including EU agricultural law, EU banking regulation, EU commercial law, EU corporate law, EU export and import regulations.

If you export products to EU, we highly recommend obtaining a legal help from a registered European lawyer who specializes in EU law. The lawyer will be able to negotiate the contract and draw up the necessary documents.

The Law Office of Dmitriy Chyrkin is the law firm that can handle all legal issues you have concerning EU regulations. We will provide you with important information on some formalities you should know if you deal with international trade, such as the rules for exporting products to the EU, EU customs duties, and CE certification.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in EU legislation. Our knowledge is confirmed by certificates we obtained concerning EU law:

  • European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals (Lund University);
  • European Business Law: Doing Business in Europe (Lund University);
  • Rethinking International Tax Law (Universiteit Leiden);
  • English Common Law: Structure and Principles (University of London);
  • International Law in Action: The Arbitration of International Disputes (Universiteit Leiden);
  • General Course on Intellectual Property (World Intellectual Property Organization).

We will answer all your questions on EU legislation. If it is required, we will also provide you with the best representation in various international arbitration organization, including GAFTA and FOSFA.

Almost 100% of customers are satisfied with our services – check this statement by reading reviews from real people who used our services. You can fill out the form at our website and obtain evaluation of your case for free of charge. Call us to receive immediate help. Our registered European lawyer is ready to help you!


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