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If you are faced with a crime in Ukraine and are looking for a Ukrainian law firm, you need a criminal defense attorney who is well versed in Ukrainian law. A good criminal defense attorney – a specialist who will provide you with reliable protection in the criminal case and who will go all the way with you through the process. The Law Office of Dmitriy Chyrkin provides the best legal representation for victims and defendants in criminal cases.

A criminal defense lawyer Dmitry Chirkin graduated with honors from Odessa State University of Internal Affairs, the law university specializing on the training of investigators. His special knowledge, as well as practical skills in the criminal investigation process – a guarantee that you will receive high-quality services in your criminal case.

More than 10 years of legal practice and understanding of how the criminal justice system works in Ukraine allow us to provide our clients with the best representation in criminal cases. Our “weapon” is knowledge in the areas such as criminal intelligence, forensic science, discovery and international criminal investigation.

We have practical experience in different jurisdictions. This experience, as well as knowledge in the field of international criminal law, give us the opportunity to resolve the most complicated legal issues, such as:

  • collection evidences in the territory of another country;
  • location of the parties of the criminal case in the territory of another country;
  • finding property of the defendant located at the territory of another country;
  • in other cases.

The Law Office of Dmitriy Chyrkin provides the following criminal law services:

  • criminal law advice;
  • criminal defense;
  • representation of the victim in a criminal case;
  • representation of the defendant/victim in court;
  • evidence collection in a criminal case, including on the territory of another country;
  • ensuring of expert testimonials in a criminal case.

We offer our clients the best price / quality ratio. We have almost 100% positive clients’ reviews. Contact the Law Office of Dmitriy Chyrkin to get the highest quality attorney services at a fair price. You can receive information on our fees here.

If you still have doubts about whether to contact us, read our clients’ reviews on the website. A free case evaluation is available here. Fill out appropriate boxes or give us a call to receive immediate help.

We are waiting for your case, and our criminal defense attorney is ready to fight for your case. You will not face the police alone!