Our Pricing

Attorney’s hourly rate

$50 per hour

Travel expenses

$25 per hour

Examples of average checks for our services

Consultation + file review free of charge
Domain name dispute $200
Writing Terms&Conditions + Privacy Policy $200
Investigation (asset search, trial preparation, document retrieval, social media investigations) $250
Litigation (first instance) $700 (complaint/answer to complaint, motions, court hearings)
Litigation (court of appeals) $500 (appeal/answer to appeal, motions court hearings)
Claims handling $300
International arbitration $1,000 – $2,000
Criminal defense $1,000-$3,000

Other Expenses

Litigation expenses are not limited by attorney fees. Here are the most common types of litigation expenses:

  • Filing Fees. For filing a complaint a plaintiff is required to pay a filing fee. The amount of a filing fee depends on the amount of a lawsuit.
  • Process Serving Fees. In most cases, the opposing party needs to be formally served by a courier.
  • Expert Witness Fees. Expert witnesses can help support certain aspects of a cases.