Due Diligence Reports for the international group of companies from the United Arab Emirates

The client, the group of companies with the head office in the United Arab Emirates, requested Due Diligence Reports on financial companies, acting as agents for funding. In accordance with agreements with agents the client was obliged to make an advance payment in the amount of approximately $40,000. In this regard, the assignment was to conduct legal analysis of companies and agreements. Seven companies from USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Turkey, Canada and Philippines were investigated. The investigation included obtaining corporate documents from official sources, checking licenses and permits, analysis of information from various databases. The next element of the investigation was the analysis of agreements. As a result, our due diligence attorney prepared for clients reports containing recommendations and warnings. Based on reports, the selection of companies was carried out for further steps. It should be also mentioned, that provided information prevented a loss of significant amount of money which some fraudulent companies intended to obtain from the client.

If you require a Due Diligence, fill out the form at the website or give us a call. You will obtain a detailed Due Diligence Report within three days from the order. This report will help you to make a right decision before signing a contract.

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